New imitation rhinestone straw bag

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◆Material: paper rope preparation
◆Size: 16CM diameter
Barrel height: 18CM
Bottom diameter: 12CM
Handle height: 10CM1faa1453 0418 4da5 8eb8 235d68c5f7129f471c5f 8a0a 4ca3 8f69 4f02977a4354da49574e a30e 4ac0 8fa4 e0cf20dd07e9c3261699 fb3b 4ffb 8338 92eddd0743339e3a3245 80e7 46d0 b31c 78ae9e2677f6797cebb1 ae9c 4c84 8b65 d2f5261b347d9d4beb4b 7bbd 4434 939a 03d3292a9c57d691217c bc4d 4857 9ad6 46ac30d0889f15f1ae45 b7da 4a5c 8cf4 f2892c74a38584bb4a07 683d 4dec ae2a 8fe392f642e6

Weight 0,40 kg
Dimensions 160 × 180 × 160 cm

Beige, Coffee, Green


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