Makeup Sponge Set

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Makeup Sponge Set is a revolutionary new way to blend, blend, blend. It’s a makeup sponge set that helps create beautiful airbrushed looks and blended.

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The beauty egg is a revolutionary new way to blend, blend, blend. It’s a makeup sponge set that helps create beautiful airbrushed looks and blended shimmers. This versatile kit makes it easy to create any look you desire! Apply foundation or powder subtlety to achieve a flawless finish. Or customize your style by mixing matchesa and rose red for a striking pink effect. Add light purple to create a gorgeous shimmer or skin tone to get an edge on your style sky blue.

The makeup sponge set comes with 4 different colors/shapes. The shape is suitable for all kinds of lovers. When you choose this kind of sponge, you don’t have to worry about whether or not the tool will fit your face or not. The material itself is hyrdrophilic non-latex polyurethane and can be easily used by dry or wetting your face with their natural water content.

This box set is a perfect gift for friends and family. The beautiful colors matched with cute designs will surely give the beauty products owner a pleasant surprise!

This box set is a great option for beginners and professionals alike.

Product information:

Product Category: Beauty Egg
Material: Hydrophilic non-latex polyurethane
Specification :
PET canned sky blue 4 shapes,
PET canned matcha 4 shapes,
PET canned light green 4 shapes,
PET canned skin color 4 shapes,
PET canned orange 4 shapes,
Bright yellow 4 shapes in PET cans,
PET canned pink 4 shapes,
PET canned rose red 4 shapes,
PET canned light purple 4 shapes,
PET canned macaron 4 shapes

Size information:
Size: upper diameter 6.7* lower diameter 7.5* height 12 cm

Packing list :

One can of beauty eggs (4PCS)

Product picture:

52a6d529 72e6 46c2 9a79 6b2b8b1003be3043af38 3618 460d 84a8 61ad6a122b3fce23e1c4 f52d 449f 934c 41a40236edd08300060a d635 4806 ac82 f0730bc27c3f4f4506ff 813a 4283 8e01 c70108504f7872b28511 5c0e 4929 a2b7 0acca06f6cfb68e5d957 7f4a 4e6e 8b56 0895c10951d7a09b9a64 7d3e 4970 b461 beb66d3df0dd6937d200 36a9 48c4 904e 09d637e8d87a73de62d0 7f10 4242 88c1 e88f1eebe0e6aac4da5c 9b9f 44c2 8166 76bcfca6cfba366bd782 0622 4694 b4ce 08d16959ee6464721faf 7f6d 480c a99c 167347f2efd2824fea2a f467 4b50 a081 7a078a87da15

Weight 0,08 kg
Dimensions 95 × 95 × 140 cm

Ming Huang, Sky Blue, Orange, Light purple, Pink, Skin tone, Light green, Macaron, Rose red, Matcha


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